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Make an Impact with Great Logo Design in Coffs Harbour

Giant Media create memorable logo designs in Coffs Harbour. Our team of experienced designers have helped hundreds of business stand out with a creative logo. Your logo identity should quickly convey the type of company you are and the kind of business you’re in. In order to achieve this, we’ll walk you through the various elements involved. These include appropriate colours, typefaces and graphic design components. As a result, you’ll receive a logo design that’s both memorable and able to be used in any medium such as print, digital, stationary and video.

I’m interested in Logo Design, what’s next?

Simply give our friendly team a call. We’ll arrange a free consultation to discuss your logo needs and we’ll let you know what we can do for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re not sure what you want, we’ll help you get there. Some clients bring a full mock-up of their expectations, others have scribbled on a beer mat, anything is great! Once we’ve established a few basics like colours and style, we’ll produce a few different creative ideas so that we can start to really hone in on the best option.

Giant Media turn Bland into Brand

We provide more than creative logos in Coffs Harbour. We’re a full digital marketing agency. Logo design is part of what we do but we can go much further. Your new design could be part of a complete brand identity service. This could include a stunning new website, packaging designs, vehicle and company signage and impressive stationary. Furthermore, we can provide a Digital Marketing Plan for your business. This would include such valuable elements as Adword campaigns, SEO content and digital advertising.

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