Branding that doesn’t stop at logo design

Creating a distinctive Brand is an essential factor in building a successful business. Your branding shows customers who you are. The design should reveal the type of business you have and of course, it distinguishes you from your competitors. In order to develop a brand, Giant Media work with you. In essence, we’re looking to create a strong brand that will resonate with your ideal clients and help you stand out.

Brand creation is a Strategic Process

As a digital marketing agency, our services cover the strategic and creative elements of brand creation. As such, we work with clients in brainstorming and identifying key aspects of branding such as positioning, audience, values and style. Indeed, these aspects are at the heart of good design and will incorporate elements of your logo, brand mark, typeface, colour palette and visual identity.

Our Brand identity work includes:

  • The creation of a unique and creative logo
  • Incorporating logo design and colour scheme into company stationary, vehicles and business signage
  • Design and layout for memorable, high-quality commercial packaging
  • Concept work for business premise design

Great Branding is Multi-layered

A good brand design should immediately communicate an identity but without reeking of marketing. A first impression should provide confidence and a reassuring professionalism. Beyond this, the same design should be seamlessly integrated into all corporate media. The correct use of colour, shape, texture and typography is an art. Ultimately, when it’s right, a good brand design is priceless.

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