Digital Marketing

Bringing Focus and Clarity to your Digital Marketing strategy

Digital Marketing is a broad term encompassing all of your marketing activities online. In essence, this may include Social Media campaigns, Google Ad campaigns, YouTube adverts, your Website and Search Engine Marketing.
A Digital Marketing campaign proposed by Giant Media will be based on experience, analysis and solid data. As such, by using data to better understand your target market, we can hone your online strategy to maximise cost-effectiveness. Simply put, you only need to spend money where you’ll get results.

Avoid spending money and not getting a return on investment

In order to discover where best to focus your budget, Giant Media will perform a comprehensive digital marketing audit. This will identify your strengths and weaknesses.  We’ll then produce a plan to achieve your identified goals within the specified budget. In fact, clients will often be surprised at the results. For example, a common weakness is the written content of a website. Moreover, analysis can show it’s performing poorly in a Google search. As a result, it requires new content that is written specifically to be Search Engine Optimised (SEO).

Other areas include:

  • Ineffective SEO
  • Unnecessary advertising on ineffectual sites
  • Lack of Search Engine Marketing including Google My Business listing
  • Poor website design or coding
  • Lack of Facebook integration and Social Media engagement
  • Lapsed or poorly executed Google Ads
  • Poor website load times and poor quality images

In short, having a clear digital marketing plan based on solid data and analysis will bring great results. Contact us today to find out more

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