How much does website design cost?

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This is a question we’re asked a lot. Also, how long will it take? And, when will my website design appear on the front page of a Google search? They’re all good questions and unfortunately, there are no quick answers. Firstly, going back to the cost question, the fact is, website design cost depends on so many variables. Now, we don’t say this to shroud the answer in mystery. But to fully understand the cost variables, you do need a little understanding of the multifaceted website design intricacies and process. With this in mind, let’s take a look at a typical SMB scenario. We’ll explore the pertinent factors that contribute to a website design cost one at a time.

What kind of website do you need?

For an SMB, there are mainly two types of website.

Firstly, a Business Services focused website. Broadly speaking, this kind of site will aim to inform and convert at the same time. The basic requirements will be an appealing design that reflects your industry, compelling and relevant SEO content, easy to use layout and a good content management system (CMS).
Secondly, an e-commerce website. This is the harder sell website – grab the customers attention, show them the products and entice them to buy NOW!
Furthermore, both types of websites must be a unique design, be Responsive Website Designs and be underpinned with smooth coding by a skilled developer.

Website Design Cost Factors

Firstly, let’s make an important distinction here. When we consider web design costs, we’re thinking about high-performance websites. Websites that drive revenue, accumulate customers and provide industry credibility. We’re not talking about producing online brochures that just exist to provide a web address on a business card. In addition, we produce websites with a holistic approach. In other words, we consider the complete picture, whenever the budget allows, and include a Digital Marketing Plan.

These are the main cost drivers for a new website design:

  1. Discovery – the amount of time allowed for market research – target markets, competitors, planning digital advertising campaigns etc
  2. Size and complexity of site – number of pages and intricacy of structure
  3. Design elements – website design or complete design including a new logo and any associated marketing materials.
  4. Content creation – SEO content writing, photography, and video production

To really understand the cost implications for each of these 4 factors, we suggest you sit down with a website design company and go through each one in detail. By talking through each point, your chosen company will be able to build a proposal based on an accurate understanding of your needs. Here’s a quick guide to choosing a web design company.

It’s Time to Make Your Website Really Work for You

With nearly 15 million internet subscribers and 27 million mobile subscribers in Australia alone (2018), it’s time to maximise your internet exposure and returns. Consequently, you must invest in a high-performance website and digital marketing campaign that’s intelligent, targeted and tech-savvy.

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