Web design company Giant Media produced this great new website for Pip and Ross of TLC Boarding Kennels.

Our fantastic new clients were in search for someone to help give their site a new look. While also maintaining an easy to use site. So the Giant team did just that. From initial consult through to designs and onto development, the team guided Pip and Ross through every step. One of the keywords used from our client to find us was web design company Coffs Harbour.

TLC Board Kennels is a  family-operated business run by animal lovers, who know just how to pamper your pets while ensuring their every need is addressed. Ross and Pip are experienced dog and cat breeders and exhibitors, so you know your pet is in good hands. But their numbers are limited so book  as soon as you know when you will need the services of TLC, by going in and see them or by clicking here!

Here at Giant we are constantly creating new sites so if you’re look at getting your website updated like website like TLC Boarding Kennels get started by booking a free consultation today.
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