My WordPress website has changed what do I do?

After updating your WordPress website to the latest version (5.0) you might notice an entirely new editing interface for updating your websites content. The new editor experience that you will be see is called “Gutenberg”,  named after Johannes Gutenberg. Johannes invented the printing press with movable type more then 500 years ago.

The Goal of the project was to create a new editing experience that makes it easy for anyone to create rich post layouts. WordPress has definitely accomplished this but not everyone wants to re-learn how to use their website.

What if don’t want to re-learn how to edit my Website?

As a busy WordPress website owner you generally don’t have time to learn and entirely new way of keeping your websites content up to date. So the team at Giant Media have created an easy to follow guide on how to revert back to the old way of editing.

Step 1. (assuming you have logged into your websites dashboard)

First thing you want to do is hover your mouse over the plugins menu on the left hand side of the dashboard. After this you need to click the “Add New” menu item.

Step 2. Installing The Old Editor

The next step involves installing the plugin called “Classic Editor”. To do this you need to first find the plugin. At the moment the plugin is on the top plugins page. If how ever if it doesn’t show straight away, you can use the search bar in the top right of the screen (highlighted blue in the image below).  Use the search term “Classic Editor” and it will appear. Once you have it in front of you click the “Install Now” button. Give it a moment or two and the button will change to say “Activate” press this and your done. Your WordPress website will now have the classic editor.

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