Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, isn’t as simple as it used to be. Google are constantly changing their search algorithm to determine what content deserves to be at the top, and currently, they favour the established websites which answers the searcher’s questions – usually with updated, organic content.

We know what Google wants in a website, and therefore we know how to get your website found. Giant Media go through the following steps when planning an SEO campaign to ensure the best results for your search rankings.

Keyword Research

What phrases do your potential clients use? What questions are they asking? Which keywords should we target to appear when your customers come calling? Building a list of keywords relevant to your industry is essential, but there’s no use targeting keywords that no one is looking for.

That’s why we research each and every keyword to ensure they’re relevant and popular amongst your potential clients.

Website Content

Google is hungry for content that is real and organic – content that users want to read. That’s why the more established websites have an edge over competitors, because they’ve proven to be popular in the past.

We write content that people want to read, and we optimise each and every page with appropriate keywords. It’s content that is informative, interesting, and most importantly, Google Friendly.

Building Backlinks

Quick and easy back-links no longer exist – these days you have to earn your place on the first page of Google. Luckily we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ll establish several quality links that are put in the right places – not just anywhere – and provide training on how to continue growing your backlinks.

SEO Training

Once the website is established and is customised as well as it can be for Google, we then provide training on how to use SEO techniques in updating your website.


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