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Bonville-Golf-Course website designed by GiantMediaIt’s no longer acceptable to own a website that isn’t mobile responsive. Responsive website design has become the rule, the baseline, simply a necessity for the ever-changing landscape that is the internet. Web statistics show a growing trend of mobile usage, with portable devices surpassing fixed desktops for internet usage in mid 2014. With this projected to increase dramatically over the next three years, it only makes sense that your website is suitable for every device available.

Our responsive website design adapts its form (the layout of your site — text, images, navigation, etc.) to the size of the device used to access the site. It utilizes a grid-based system, as well as flexible image sizes to move your content around as needed – no more shifting and pinching your mobile screen to zoom in and find what you’re looking for!

Website Design in Coffs Harbour

Website design for Coffs Harbour Fishermens CoOpGiant Media designs and custom builds every website from the ground up in-house in our office in Coffs Harbour, NSW; allowing us to design your website with mobile usage in mind.

The result is a tailored website design that looks magnificent on every device you can think of. The methods that we use are not only innovative and modern, but also challenge us to think about new ways of delivering results. Our designers work hard to ensure that a website’s mobile conversion rate is just as strong as it’s desktop conversion rate.

Come see Giant Media today to experience first-hand the cutting-edge website design experience that we have to offer here at Coffs Harbours premier website design agency.


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