Photography Coffs Harbour is just one of the great services that Giant Media offers. Bad images often ruin good design. Images are an essential part of any website, and just as they have the potential to strengthen the branding and look of your website, they can also just as easily ruin it.

Photography Coffs Harbour, Giant Media now offer professional commercial photographic services to aid in the smooth transition of your new website design. Our photographer will work with the design team to create visually compelling imagery that is 100% owned by you. This will also strengthen your SEO rank, as well as help create something that both parties are proud of.

Commercial photography is essential if you’re selling products online. Over 95% of products that are sold online have a featured image, and the other 5% are outdated and in need of one. If you’re selling apparel, your sales will obviously suffer if you don’t have images of the apparel. But a happy snap from your iPhone may also cripple your online sales, because the consistency of quality will vary, and will come across as amateurish.

To ensure consistency of quality, we highly recommend you hire a professional photographer. If you’re unsure of who to hire, we can add this bundle to the new website.

As well as images of products, our commercial photographer will provide you with crisp images of the interior and exterior of your store or business, as well as high-quality portraits of the team, and other artistic images aligned with your brand.

For all Photography Coffs Harbour services give us a call today of book online for a free consultation.

Also please visit one of the latest sites we have done for a great example of our local website photography.

Photography Coffs Harbour


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