Graphic Design Coffs Harbour – Logo Design, Stationary, Signage, Brochures and much more.

Giant Media offer a wide array of graphic design services. From branding to print and digital, we love creating new and intuitive designs that refresh and revive old brands, and that openly publicise new businesses.

As well as offering all forms of digital marketing and design, Giant Media are firm believers in the original print medium. We’ve been around long enough to see the gradual shift toward digital design, but print design – including fliers, brochures, business cards and booklets – is still relevant and worth pursuing.

With a modern and cost effective approach, we’ll get to know your brand and how to sell your product. Through a creative process, and with an in-house design team, we can ensure a quality and presence that lets your brand get noticed.

Having great knowledge of all mediums, materials and digital experiences available. From cost effective sign installations through to delicate and bespoke printing, we can keep things consistent and reaching your target market.

For example of our graphic design work check out this great case study of local Coffs Harbour Turnstyles.

To view Turnstyles website click here.

Graphic Design Coffs Harbour

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