We offer complete eLearning packages that can integrate straight into your existing website or work independently to offer powerful training and assessment programs.

From initial concept we can custom design the user experience from sign-up to completion of the courses / modules

We custom design each online learning package to suit your companies needs. Our team of experts can devise, design and construct thoughtful and entertaining eLearning experience’s. Therefore, each course delivered is unique.

We can take your existing paper based training material and convert it into a fully digital and manageable online module . By adding quizzes and games, we bring any subject to live and ensure that learning outcomes are achieved.

Our systems let’s you the online course manager update the entire course with ease, from changing content or questions the course and its content is managed with a simple click of a button. We use new technology that lends itself to WordPress so that there are no steep learning curves on how to use our systems.

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