The Best Photography in Coffs Harbour

We’ve been providing quality photography Coffs Harbour since 2003. As a Digital Marketing Agency, we understand the importance of good photography. We’ve all seen those old websites with the crunchy old snaps that just don’t cut it anymore on today’s internet. As a result, presenting your business image with the best possible photography is paramount. Good photography is much more than a quick snap taken with even the best quality phone camera. It’s about composition, the light, framing and appropriate sizing for the media being used.

Great Photography in Coffs Harbour by Design

That’s where we come in. We can provide a Free Consultation to guide you to achieving a high-quality image with great photography. We’ll plan the whole shoot from concept to completion. Moreover, it needn’t be expensive, because with the right planning, a lot can get done in a short time. Photography often forms part of our service when client’s want a stunning new website, as part of a digital marketing campaign or stills for a video production. It’s time to chuck out those old staff pics and have them replaced with professional ones. Similarly, don’t re-use those ancient product or branding shots, let us shoot new ones to take your image to the next level. To supplement, we can also provide beautiful stock photography where needed.

Giant Media turn Bland into Brand

We provide more than creative photography Coffs Harbour. Giant Media are a full digital marketing agency. Photography is part of what we do but we can do much more. For instance, your new photography could be part of a complete Brand Identity service. This could include a stunning new website, packaging designs, vehicle and company signage and impressive stationary. Furthermore, we can provide a Digital Marketing Plan for your business. This would include cost-effective essentials such as Adword campaigns, SEO content and digital advertising.

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