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Graphic Design forms the foundation of many of our services at Giant Media. In fact, we’ve been producing impressive and exciting design in Coffs Harbour for nearly 2 decades. This experience has positioned Giant Media as the premier Graphic Design company on the Mid North Coast. In fact, starting with a strong design is what creates solid work that stands the test of time. Additionally, another key to good design is collaboration. Firstly, we spend time getting to know our client’s needs, business, target markets and expectations. Next, we then apply our experience and creativity to produce the proposed product. Finally, after review and approval, we roll out the completed product.

Design across all media

We provide a vast array of Design services including websites, logo design, email campaigns, stationary, signage, brochures and much more. Moreover, smart Design means creating work that is usable and consistent across all mediums. Whether that’s digital or print, we have the experience and skills necessary.

Why is Graphic Design important to businesses?

Everyday and almost everywhere we go, we are bombarded by the results of design. Signs, packaging, businesses and websites are all thrust into our consciousness. All of these designs are vying for our attention. The fact is, most of them will be forgotten almost immediately. And that’s why good design is very important to businesses. Consequently, it’s our job at Giant to ensure that your website, logo, brochure or business card stands out from the crowd and remains memorable.

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