WordPress Websites Need to be kept up to date by not updateing you are risking your website security and missing out on new features / improvements.

Every time a new WordPress update comes out, we get several emails from our clients asking whether it’s safe to update their WordPress website. So should you?  The Answer is yes and here is why!

  1. Security

    The most important reason to update your wordpress website is to avoid being hacked. A recent survey found that 83% of wordpress websites are ones that have not been updated. Just like you update your phone every time there is a new update you need to update your wordpress website just in the same way.

  2. Performance

    The second reason to stay updated is speed every new wordpress update comes with performance upgrades that improve your sites loading times. This has a small effect on your overall google ranking and neither do your website visitors

  3. New Features

    every new wordpress update comes with great new features that can help you with your website. The latest update 4.8 came with a great new feature that allows you to add 4 new widgets to your website. A rich text widget, video, Image and audio. This allows you to add videos straight to your sidebar or anywhere that you have widgets on your wordpress website.

  4. Exterminating the bugs

    Exterminating the bugs.- Generally any bugs that are known are fixed during the most recent update. In the most recent update 29 bugs were fixed.

So How do I update my wordpress?

Its quite simple actually if you see this alert at the top of your wordpress website’s dashboard all you need to do is first click on “Please update now” this will take you to a new screen.

On this next Page there will be a blue update now button click on that and its as simple as that! Your wordpress website is now more secure and quicker than ever before.

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