Why you need more than a web designer

At GiantMedia we have recently noticed an uptrend in small to medium business clients who come to us lost. They have a professional new responsive website design, a nice new branding for their company but they have no idea what to do now. Even more alarming to us is they have been sold on these services without any guidance as to why, or how to best utilise their new website to achieve what they actually wanted to begin with, to get more customers & clients. There is very little value to an expensive re-fitting of a shop front if your shop exists on a back alley with zero visibility. This example is typically what we see though, only with your businesses online shopfront, your website!

Why you need more than just a website

A properly designed and thought out website if absolutely important, so don’t think it isn’t. But like any marketing tool, and that’s what it is at the end of the day, it needs a place in your marketing plan. If you just get a website without considering this, you will no doubt be underwhelmed by the RIO you get from a new website design & build. Realistically a website should be part of a marketing strategy, not a standalone expenditure your spending money(and time!) on. You need to think about how people will find your website and how will they interact once they get there. Simply putting your website live and asking Google to include it in their search isn’t nearly enough. This is why you need professional digital marketing advice not just design advice. You need an agency that understands the full process and not simply a design agency. They might be the best at designing your website and that’s great but what use is it if your website gets zero hits or lots of hits from the wrong type of customer?

You need a marketing platform, not (just) a pretty website.

As more and more people go online to make purchasing or service based decisions, it’s even more relevant now than ever to use your website as a pivotal point for your business marketing strategy. One survey found 87% of people research online before making a purchase. Another survey found 67% of these same people are heavily influenced by online reviews. What does all that mean? well put simply it means people are looking online and are being influenced by what others are saying about your business. So ask yourself this, do you even have any online reviews? Is your website even showing up in Google for the search terms people are using to try and find services you offer?

A websites value to a business can either be tremendous or meek based purely on how you incorporate it into your digital marketing strategy. You need to think of your website not only as just an online presence for your business. You need to think of it as a platform or end point for your marketing. Then your website will act as a valuable business tool not just a seemingly expensive “thing” you are just suppose to have as a business.

So how do i get a better performing website?

This can’t be answers easily as there are many factors to consider. You need expert advice and more importantly you need a digital marketing review that also looks at you website. Why not book in for a free digital marketing consultation to do just that?

What can i do right now to help my situation

First thing you can do is check on Google if your website is showing up when you search for terms related to your service or products. If you’re not showing up you need to be! Next look at your website from a potential customers eyes. Ask yourself, can i easily get in contact with this business? Can i easily find out what others are saying on Google reviews or Facebook etc? Is my business showing up on Google local or Google maps?

If you finding that the answer is no, then you need help or your fantastically designed website is pretty well useless. Book in to talk about your online situation today! Its free so what are you waiting for.