Organic Kombucha - Product photography for Native Supply Co, Coffs Harbour

Organic Kombucha – Product photography for Native Supply Co, Coffs Harbour

If you’re selling your products online you want people to buy them right? Of course you do.

The number one thing to consider when showcasing your products online is the quality and consistency of your photos.

Things you need to consider with product photography:

Lighting: find any area with minimal natural light and somewhere you can easily set up again for future products. You can use artificial lighting such as a softbox or flash to add extra lighting to your photo for the best outcome.

White Balance: make sure your products have the same colour background so they’re kept consistent throughout your shop. A white background is best but there are plenty of options to showcase your products and this will vary depending on the type of product. You can learn more about white balance and how you would set it on your camera here.

Focusing: make sure your camera is in focus! On most digital cameras you are able to set your focus to manual, once on manual you are able to zoom in and make sure everything is in focus. Once in focus.. snap away!

Editing: editing your photos isn’t a must but always helps. There are many programs, paid & free that you can use to edit your photos (e.g Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Gimp). Things you may notice at the editing stage which are easily removed: unwanted shadows, clothes tag, dust/dirt, creases in clothing/table cloths etc.

If you don’t want to worry about keeping photos consistent, there is always the option to hire a local professional photographer for your product photography. This will definitely take the weight off your shoulders so you can have more time to market your products to build success.

Contact us today for any questions or recommendations on product photography on the mid north coast.