Giant Media have recently launched a new website design for ETC (Enterprise & Training Company) Coffs Harbour.

ETC came to Giant Media needing a refreshed website design, clearing of the cache so to speak.

First off we looked at the structure of the website… Was the content on your current website suffice? Do you need to rank better on Google? Are your clients easily finding the information they’re after?

Secondly the design… refresh time! Responsiveness (works on all devices), usability, typography (font sizes & colours), colour schemes, quick links, search bar, language selector and more… all things that we needed to keep in mind throughout the design process.

One of the sizeable additions to the new website was students havingthe ability to seamlessly book into courses and workshops online. This was accomplished using a customised events system linked with ETC’s third party payment processing system.

Website design for ETC Coffs Harbour

Overall both ourselves and ETC were very happy with the outcome.

If you’re after your own refreshing website give us a call today on 1300 600 989 to organise a FREE Consultation and get you on your way to success.