new website design

Giant Media have just finished creating a new website design for Sydney Personal Trainer, Steph Harant.

Steph Harant contacted Giant Media because she was trying to create a new website design using a do it yourself template.

Due to not being able to format the website to include the features that she needed. Steph came to Giant Media to help give her a new website design with a professional finish.

While adding features in order to compete with other Personal Trainers in the busy fitness industry in Sydney.


First, Steph specified that she specialises in Strength Training, with a focus on women as her main target.

Second, Steph also conveyed that she does a lot of rehabilitation and mobility work and caters for everyone from beginner to competitive athlete.

The team at Giant Media tailored the new website design around this design brief information given by Steph.

Therefore, the finished product was a new website design with a professional finish, packed with great features.


As a result, we were able to complete a new website design for Steph which includes many great features:

  • Calendar system so that people can book in sessions. This can be customized to show sessions available and sessions already booked out.
  • Blog section for weekly articles regarding different health and fitness related topics.
  • Online form page with a health check and goal section. For people to sign up for personal training or a free trial offer.
  • A services page with information on each service, including pricing.


Need a Personal Trainer in Sydney, or a Personal Trainer interested in a new website design, check out Steph’s website. 

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