Local Digital Marketing Company Giant Media is Now Offering Personalised Digital Marketing Action Plans

At Giant Media we have seen first hand all the smoke and mirrors that come with companies offering SEO and digital marketing. We want become your trusted Local Digital Marketing team.

We have developed a common sense guide on how your business can benefit from a clear digital marketing strategy.

This isn’t a one size fits all marketing scheme; we actually sit back, listen to your needs and develop a personal targeted solution to help realise your business goals. Find out what’s included below:


One hour one-to-one consultation to help determine:

• Your Unique Selling Point(s)

• Your future and direction

• Who you want to target

• Review your existing online assets

• What areas you want to grow

• Discuss marketing budgets


We use the latest professional software and knowledge to research the following:

• Current web and social positioning

• Who your competitors are

• Competitive Keywords

• Website score and health check


We develop and construct a common sense targeted digital marketing plan:

• A clear marketing plan and budget

• A selection of targeted keywords

• A digital strategy to help drive your business


One to One handover of your Digital Marketing Plan:

• 1 Hour consultation

• Detailed action plan and quote

• Give direction for your digital marketing

• Detailed digital analysis of your business

Get your personalised Digital Marketing Action Plan