The performance and speed of a website is directly linked to the success of any website online. Not only that but a slow website kills conversions, with every 1 second extra delay comes with 11% fewer page views, 16% decrease in customer satisfaction and 7% loss in conversions. Since 2010, google has indicated that one of the key factors used to determine your websites google rank is how fast your page loads on a desktop computer.

Google Rank and July 2018 and Onward

Starting in July 2018 website optimization will be more important then ever before. Google is releasing a new update for their ranking algorithm which they are calling the “speed update”. They will finally use your mobile websites’ page load time as a ranking factor in mobile searches. Its no secret that the amount of people browsing the web on their mobile surpasses the amount of people browsing via a desktop computer, so having a higher rank on google in a mobile search extremely important for your business.

How to check if your website speed is good on a mobile

A quick and easy way to check your websites speed on a mobile is running it through googles PageSpeed Insights tool. Simply type your websites URL into the box and hit the analyse button. This will create a report and tell you if your page is optimized on a mobile or not.

If it returns that your page isn’t optimized  a good way to increase the score yourself is to compress your images before updating your site. You can do this by using a image compressor such as tiny.jpg this will ensure that when an image loads it has the lowest possible load time.

If your page still isn’t in the green or if you want it to be fully optimized to have the quickest load time it can get in contact with the Giant Media team today and we can help optimize your website for googles speed update so you don’t lose your ranking.