Metal business cards that will make you stand out from the competition.

Have you ever left a business meeting and wondered if you’ve made a lasting impression. If you did enough to make your proposal stand out from your competitors. Giant Media can help give you the confidence to know that your customers will never forget you.

This week saw the highly anticipated arrival of our new gold metal business cards. And they’re something to talk about! Metal business cards won’t just carry weight in your clients hands but also on their minds when they’re considering their next business decision.

These business cards are available in various metals. Silver, gold or vintage copper. Satin finish or brushed. Whatever your industry, these fully customisable metal business cards can be tailored to suit your needs.

Giant Media specialises in all forms of print-media from stationery printing to large scale billboard advertising. We have a network of specialty printers who provide the highest quality products. With a fast turnaround time for all aspects of advertising materials, what are you waiting for?

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