Giant Media has demonstrated Google Ads expertise and become a Google Partner.

Want to get in front of customers when they are searching for your businesses like your own? Giant Media can help. We specialise in google ads and have recently become a google partner through demonstrating our expertise in google search ads both on desktop and mobile.

Why you should be using google ads

First of all Google is where people search what to do, where to go and what they want to buy. Your google ad can appear directly in front of a potential client or customer the moment they are looking at similar products or services like yours.

Secondly it is a way to instantly drive more website visits, get more phone calls and increase the amount of foot traffic. As soon as your campaign is set up you should start noticing this improvement straight away.

Thirdly you can target the exact audience you want in the exact location you want. For instance if your a business that only services Coffs Harbour we can target everyone in Coffs Harbour that is searching for businesses like your own with your google ad.

For Google Ad marketing and website design services in Coffs Harbour And Surrounds, Contact Giant Media Today For A Free Consultation To See What We Can Do For You.