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Resort Latitude Zero (RLZ), a surf resort located in the private Telo Islands of Indonesia, off the west coast mainland of Sumatra, has for the past nine years, been sharing the stoke with professional and amateur surfers, entertaining guests and made a name for their first class service and attention to detail.  2019 will mark their tenth year of operation and to celebrate they’re having a digital marketing makeover.

To hallmark this momentous occasion, digital marketing agency, Giant Media who’ve been in partnership with RLZ even before they opened their doors have just completed the first stage of digital transformation. The comprehensive digital marketing plan has so far seen the resorts front page website completely re-designed.

In addition to paying tribute to their anniversary, the redesign creates a truly functional and striking visual aesthetic. The updates will help to improve website lead generation, and consider every aspect of what makes a site rank better with Google. Giant Media conducted several tests on the previous site using performance based software to outline current problems and how the site could be improved. These aspects included site speed, site scripting, image size, site content, mobile optimisation and several other technicalities.

The result is noticeable on first click. Layout and visual display of content provides an overall better user experience. The new site loads faster on mobile, tablet and PC devices and now boasts improved lead generation on-site to make the experience more personalised and easier to navigate. Keyword research and SEO optimisation, including content writing has seen the site rank better for organic search traffic.

With more updates in store, Giant Media will keep you updated with the next instalment to include a comprehensive Google Adwords, Re-Marketing and Intent Targeting campaign.

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