Digital Marketing Coffs Company Giant Media, Loves Getting Great Feedback

Running a digital marketing and web development company in Coffs Harbour. As a business manager, we get hundreds of emails a day. When you turn the laptop on in the morning and fire up the coffee machine. The task starts of getting through the morning emails. It’s just awesome when you get lovely emails from clients really appreciating what you have done for them.

We recently developed a web based intranet for our client to communicate with parents. The system looks and works great. Plus for our client it is a very easy to use interface, which was a major point from our client Bumblebee Early Education Centre. The research into the system took place, We started with intricate wireframes to channel the content through. So the end user has an easy to understand and use web intranet.
Below is an email from our client.
“I would just like to say thank you to the team at Giant Media for all their help and expertise in creating our website with the updated new features.
This is exceptional and I love what it will do for our business.
I feel so supported from all the extensive training and ready to be able to update our site as needed.
Well done to Bryn and the team!”
Kind Regards,
Bumblebee Early Education Centre
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