Custom Web Design Company Giant Media builds site for Janison!

Since originating in Coffs Harbour in 1998, Janison have since become international award-winning leaders in online learning and assessment solutions. Working alongside global corporations, government, and education bodies. Janison offer tailored and innovative strategies which focus on individualized business priorities and maximizing productivity. As a result of the company’s growth, Janison knew it was time to expand their online presence and didn’t hesitate when choosing Giant Media, Coffs Harbours premier custom web design company.

Website design agency Giant Media joined forces with the directors and design team at Janison to create a responsive website service. Designed to be workable across mobile, tablet, and desktop. Collaborative efforts of both teams resulted in a thorough and interactive website design. Consequently, improving the company’s digital marketing strategy and usability for its targeted audience.

Custom Web Design Company

A bit more on Janison!

Janison prides themselves on delivering an engaging and enjoyable learning experience. One key component of this is its mobile learning platform. This provides their clients with the versatility and compatibility to reach learning and assessment goals anywhere, anytime!

Subsequently, custom web design company Giant Media created a practical and fully functional responsive website around this brief. The site incorporates key information and images into an engaging design which enhances the overall usability of the website. The web design agency have carefully placed subtle animation throughout the site which grabs the audience’s attention. These help to navigate users freely around the site and highlight important links and content.

Web development team dedicated to meeting budget and time deadlines!

Meeting project deadlines and budgets for each client are essential here at Giant. 8 weeks prior to the project becoming live, Janison sat down for its first consultation with Giant. Working with deadlines and a client on an international scale is nothing new for the team at Giant. Scheduled online meetings and consultations proved to be an essential tool for face-to-face communication throughout the process of the website design. A well structured and efficient schedule allowed tasks to be delegated between the team at Giant, successfully fulfilling the requirements outlined in the website proposal and client deadlines.

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