Digital Agency, Giant Media take us behind the scenes, exhibiting the Creative Design and clever branding of an Australian innovation.

creative design

SoftGaff is a new technological innovation, a first for the recreational fishing industry. SoftGaff wanted to make their digital fishing tool available to the mass market and grab the attention of tournament and recreational anglers alike. John Callingham, founder of SoftGaff knew he needed a partner to truly capture the target audience for his design and tasked Giant Media  with the job of bringing his vision to life.

The first step of the process was creating a new creative design and brand visual. The former logo didn’t embody John’s vision, so Giant brought in their Graphic Design and Creative team to create sketches and design mock-ups of what the final product should look like. This included the innovative SoftGaff AccuMat – a world first retractable fish measuring mat. Here the lettering, layout placement, gradient and illustration were thoughtfully positioned, ensuring branding consistency and recognisability for a seamless user experience. The team at Giant Media worked closely with external stakeholders throughout the development phase, including the manufacturers of the product prototype.

The result was a unified brand, created through the new brand architecture.  The sophisticated and eye-catching  brand mark for SoftGaff was designed with a flexible visual identity system. This was rolled out across a range of SoftGaff assets to promote the look and feel of the brand. The creative design solutions included a recreational vessel, business cards and apparel.

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