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Over the last 2 – 4 years theres been a shift towards getting business’s onto social media platforms. Most business’s by now typically have a facebook page to interact with their customers directly.  What about business’s that market directly to other business’s (B2B).

The first graph shows B2B business’s social media usage in 2015. As you can see facebook was the most prominent platform that was used but is not the ideal platform for B2B marketing. Enter LinkedIn! In the last 2 years LinkedIn’s usage by business’s has exploded.


The Rise of LinkedIn

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The second graph shows the current B2B social media usage as of 2017.  As you can see from the graph LinkedIn went from being used from 36% of business’s to 94% of business’s by 2017. But why?

The reason LinkedIn has been used as the most popular social media platform for B2B business’s is because it is far more suited for the business environment. LinkedIn has many more features that cater to business needs then other social media platforms. LinkedIn serves as a business development tool rather then an online presence such as other social media platforms (facebook).  For example LinkedIn business accounts act as more as lead generation devices rather than just online presence for your company.

In the next graph you can see that 80% of B2B lead generations on social media come from LinkedIn. So if you own a B2B business and you dont have LinkedIn, Why Not? Click here to create a LinkedIn account now!


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